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"Young people get to have a voice"

Two students smilingOn February 28th I am casting my vote for District Council for the people I love. In 2020 during the uprisings denouncing George Floyd's murder, young people I know were unnecessarily hurt by police during peaceful protests including being knocked down, using tear gas and other uses of force. Young people deserve to be able to protest safely - it's a First Amendment right. In those moments their voice was stripped away from them. However, because of the diligence of over 80 organizations, City Council passed the Empowering Communities for Public Safety ordinance in July 2021. With the election of civically minded individuals, young people get to have a voice. Therefore, I challenge you to do it for the ones you love. On February 28th let your voice be heard!

- Anna Mangahas, Director of Membership and Training, ONE Northside

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